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What does joint conservatorship mean in Texas?

When couples with children divorce in Texas, the courts may decide that joint conservatorship is best for the minors involved. Texas Access reports that while a judge may consider a parent’s past history before deciding such a ruling when both parents gain the role of a conservator, each has certain rights and responsibilities concerning both the child and the ex-spouse.

As parents take on the role of joint conservators, they may want to remain aware of their duties and not only their rights but the rights of the other parent as well.


When a child requires medical attention, joint conservators must alert each other and make decisions that best benefit that child. This covers a variety of health and welfare issues, including:

  • Sudden medical emergencies
  • Medication decisions
  • Access to a child’s medical information and history

During a joint conservator arrangement, either parent may request information from the other following medical or dental appointments.


Either parent involved in a joint conservator arrangement can request information about a child’s educational opportunities, school activities, grades and potential problems at school as well. A parent also has the right to discuss his or her child’s education with school counselors, teachers and attend parent-teacher conferences.


When family emergencies occur, either parent has the right to request immediate notification of the situation and to make decisions regarding the care of a child. This includes childcare decisions and whether any established visitation schedules need modification until the emergency passes.

When the child is with either parent, that conservator must provide for that child, as well as claim responsibility for his or her actions. Only a Texas court may modify a joint conservatorship, although either parent may make such a request.