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Strong, psychedelic hemp product currently legal in Texas

As states continue to tackle marijuana topics, businesses and customers continue to experiment with what is and is not available on the legal market. This may make the landscape of these drugs and products confusing to understand. Similar highs may see law enforcement leveling drug charges on someone who is high on a legal substance.

THC-O, as the Dallas Observer reports, is a hemp-derived psychedelic reported to be three times stronger than Delta-9 THC — one of the cannabinoid substances derived from the marijuana plant.


Cannabinoids are not exclusive to the marijuana plant, the growing of which is regulated and only available to consumers with medical marijuana prescriptions. Other cannabinoids, derived from hemp, produce similar or differing drug effects.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and many other products derived from hemp are currently legal in the federal government’s eyes. That presently includes the synthesized, psychedelic cannabinoid THC-O.


THC-O is frequently vaped but is slowly finding its way into other products like edibles and joints. The safety of vaping this psychedelic is still in question due to the acetate compounds associated with it that may contribute to similar lung problems like lipoid pneumonia.


It is unclear whether Texas policymakers have THC-O on their list of considerations, but if they make laws forbidding it, it will join Delta-9 THC as a recreationally illegal substance. Until then, misplaced drug charges against a person who’s high on THC-O still have the potential to devastate his or her future.

When navigating this aspect of the recreational drug industry, it is important to keep up on the research, lean on any and all resources, and stay up to date on the legal status of these cannabinoids.